Grails donates 2,000 meals to hospitality workers

The city of Miami is a densely populated tourist destination filled with hundreds of thousands of people exploring this concrete jungle. As many busy, bustling cities with local businesses shut their doors for their safety, Wynwood was no exception.
Sunny days were spent indoors as residents all over the nation spent time stressing about the future. It was impossible to predict how this pandemic would essentially affect everyone, but what was even more astonishing was how Miamiams came together.
Grails Restaurant & Bar raised funds to donate 2,000 meals to those in need. This restaurant had a mission to help their local community and was able to give the gift of generosity through food.
For each meal served to-go or delivered, Grails matched it by donating an entree to those out of work. Help Grails reach their goal of 5,000 by either ordering from their location or by contributing on their website.
Although Grails has only been open since August of 2019, the restaurant has already made a monumental impact on the neighborhood. Grails has been able to donate up to 100 meals per day during the program and was truly able to help those in the hospitality industry.

Unemployment is an issue to many who had job security right before the outbreak occurred. Although pockets are being pinched for pennies lately, support local businesses that are open and providing wages to workers who are risking their health to help others.
The coronavirus created a whirlpool of problems for our wellbeing and economy. Miami was supposed to have a surplus of money erupting from spring break tourism, but instead our community stayed home, our beaches stayed closed, and our non-essential businesses closed up shop.
This virus emptied our streets but did not leave us lonely because Wynwood’s heart never skips a beat. Be sure to check out Grails to get a hot meal and give a hot meal.

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