How developers are adapting to social distancing.

Although much of the world has been at a halt amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Real Estate in Miami is using virtual reality (VR) to continue showcasing the market. Among the first is Bel Invest, a Real Estate Developer promoting social distancing by mailing potential buyers a virtual reality experience via disposable VR headsets. For Bel Invest, these headsets bring their Diesel Condominium project in Miami to reality, a new development of residential living in Wynwood. We can look at the luxurious penthouses or condos furnished with Diesel-made furniture and interior design from the comfort of our home or office. “The original intent was for the virtual reality experience to happen in our Wynwood sales center, but in an effort to promote social distancing during this time, we decided to bring the VR experience to buyers. Using the latest technology in VR, we adapted it to become an at-home VR presentation,” said Creative Director Patrick Pires. Bel Invest is notorious for their innovative marketing, they recently launched a campaign with the concept “buy a t-shirt and get an apartment for free.” Yes, the shirt ranges from $300,000 to six million, but it’s evident that Bel Invest is as unique as the city it works in. already has a 360 view of their apartments on their website that allows people to view the condos in detail. All of these efforts are designed to make the home-buying experience easier for consumers and to keep social distancing as efficient as possible. “I just signed up to receive the VR goggles on Bel Invest’s website because I had planned to have this experience at their offices. Luckily, even in self-isolation, I can continue one of the plans I made before the virus happened,” said Miamian Mark Sanders. Not only have virtual tours been convenient for potential buyers, but it will help with the drop in leasing activity caused by COVID-19. “Everyone’s hustle was stopped to help prevent the spread of the virus. Providing people the opportunity to check out listings from their home helps us continue to make sales and helps people continue their normal lives,” said Real Estate management company, The Trem Group.

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